The Instagram channel is playing as a leading social media channel for marketing. In particular, this social media platform is used for eCommerce businesses, which gives them the power to a platform based on visuals with high engagement and enthusiastic followers. Similar to Facebook, Instagram has evolved and grown high in the past few years. You are adopting new special features at a fast lightning rate and becoming more valuable to users and merchants. This article is for starters, and we will tell all of the Instagram marketing fundamentals. This guide includes how to evaluate your profile progress on Instagram, how to get much more results with both stories and feed content, how to create a high reach and engaging content and posts, and how to optimize your profile. 


Instagram is a great place for marketing campaigns for many big businesses and small businesses. And also for some good reasons. Instagram has a diverse audience and a larger audience that is very happy to engage with products and brands. It must be resulting in overall high engagement.

Case studies and research have demonstrated these benefits very clearly. 

  • Eighty percent of users on Instagram follow at least one brand account. And sixty percent of these users on Instagram say that they have discovered new and excellent services and products through Instagram.
  • At least thirty percent of users on Instagram have bought products that they have discovered on the platform. 
  • Sixty-five percent of the top most performing posts on Instagram very clearly feature products. 
  • People are pleased to follow their favorite brands on Instagram, and also they are discovering new products on Instagram and purchasing new products on Instagram. And that is a very great win.

Ads on Instagram see great results and offer great engagement. Shopping on this platform streamlines the sales process of Instagram. And business profiles on Instagram with more than 10k followers will gain the particular option “Swipe Up” so that users can add their website link or other social media links to Instagram Stories and post to drive more traffic to their website. Instagram keeps expanding and making it more valuable to eCommerce businesses and merchants, especially if firms or merchants have visually solid appeal products.


Most of the merchants know about the basic profile setting up: you need to choose the right picture for your profile so that people can identify you quickly, you can also use your business logo or company logo or brand logo, you need to fill out the information about your contact, have a description with optimization of keyword, this is a perfect start for Instagram marketing.

But this social media platform has made many changes that affect the business profile. 

CLICKABLE HASHTAGS: you can add a clickable hashtag to the description of your profile. It is effortless to add clickable hashtags to the report by adding the symbol ‘#.’ Focusing on hashtags for your brand is a great thing for businesses. Also, a brand hashtag will help you to work with the algorithm of Instagram. 

CLICKABLE PROFILE LINKS ON INSTAGRAM: there are many ways you can use clickable profile links. But now, you can also add clickable profiles to other Instagram profiles in your biodata of Instagram. You can drive direct traffic to your sister’s profile from your bio. You can also drive traffic more to your and your friends or family profile by buying automatic Instagram likes monthly. By using this unique feature, you can send audiences to your personal Instagram profile.

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