In the competitive world, Instagram is one of the topmost social media networks.  Instagram allows its users to share videos and photos through its mobile application. The Instagram platform has seen a potential growth from 1M users in the year 2010. Behind Facebook, Instagram is the 2nd most used social media network behind the social media platform for Facebook. Instagram users spend an average of fifty-three minutes each day. More than twenty-five million people are using Instagram as a platform for their brand and business. Last two years, he has used 2 applications used by Gen Z, such as TikTok and Instagram. Recently Instagram has introduced a new in-app feature reel.

Reels allows you to upload or create fifteen to thirty-second videos, add text, music, stickers and share them with Instagram feeds or stories. At the foot of the Instagram Reels are located in the middle of the navigation bar. You can see reels from the accounts you follow; if you want to see more reels from the popular and trending Instagram account, just scroll down the screen.


THE REELS TAB:   to access the stories camera of Instagram, open the stories camera simply and find the reels icon instant next to the story option.

THE STORIES CAMERA OF INSTAGRAM:  to access the reels through the home screen of Instagram, just tap on the plus icon on the top right side and scroll the reels tp at the foot of the screen. 

THE HOME SCREEN OF INSTAGRAM: hit the camera option at the top right side corner to access via the reels tap.


To create reels, open the Instagram application and tap on reels.

EDITING TOOLS EXPLORING:  make use of editing tools before posting your reels. You will find the editing tools on the left-hand side of the camera screen. Those editing tools are a timer, effects, playback speed, and audio.

Audio: from the music library for Instagram, you can select audio for your Reels. You can select your favorite songs or add already recorded audio from the other users.

Playback speed: this option allows you to slow down the speed of the reel or increase the speed of the reel.

Effects: by choosing this option, you can see various outlines like emojis. This option also lets you use filter effects and stickers to your reel videos.

Timer: to set a timer, hit the cock icon. You can make a hand-free recording with this editing tool. 

Introduce your brand and yourself:  Instagram reels offer the biggest opportunity to share your brand and business story and yourself with thousands of brand new audiences. If an audience is interested in your product or services, they click your website about the page to read your brand’s story. Buy Instagram Reels comments instantly from our website. To share your story, you can use three different ways, straightly talk to the camera, edit the previous videos together, and use the texts to all your stories.

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