Reasons Why Your Business Is Failing On Twitter

Most Businesses have an account on Twitter, but totally do not have an idea of what to do after setting up the account. This situation can actually harm your Twitter profile and can even make you think that it would have been better if you never had a Twitter. People who re struggling hard to make their brand visible on Twitter must definitely have missed out or have done some mistakes  which is why their business is failing on Twitter. This article mentions and explains some of the mistakes which brands and businesses should avoid to reach success on Twitter.

Not Understanding The Twitter Platform

Twitter is entirely different from the other social media channels because it is a great platform to post links to other sites and blogs as well. It is a great platform that enables creating connections with followers and serves as an efficient search tool and a PR platform to cross promote content on other channels. Researching and arriving at a meaningful marketing strategy is required to grow your followers list on Twitter and to get connected with several Influencers.

Lack of Defined Goals 

 Just tweeting whatever comes in your mind will not take you anywhere on Twitter. Mere posting of content can just let your users know you as a brand that keeps posting any kind of content which could be a stri=ong reason for your business to fail on Twitter.  Whenever you plan to launch new products, propose to post a series of articles and how-to videos related to the product before you actually launch the new product so that you will already have a good number of audience that consumes your products and services. You can also use Twitter as a customer service platform but make sure someone is always available at your end to respond to users’ queries.

Not Looking Twitter as a branding Tool

It is highly possible to turn your business into a brand by using Twitter efficiently. Posting relevant content, using a unique tone as your voice are all actions that you can perform to make a consistent brand presence on twitter. Optimizing your Twitter profile to get displayed in search engine results, Including links of other social media profiles and choosing and updating appropriate profile and cover photos can get more likes for your Twitter page ad for your twitter content. If you feel that your twitter profile has still not gained momentum, it is clearly obvious that your posts too won’t be looked at. At this juncture, it is wise to buy Twitter likes to both boost your profile and your posts. 

Not Measuring Results

Remember to keep track and measure mentions, likes and retweets directly on Twitter platform. Make use of Google Analytics to know how many users clicked on Tweeted clicks and also how deeply users were engaged in your blog or website. Understanding specific metrics can really help in turing the entire scenario and to reach business success on Twitter.