Initially, the video-sharing app TikTok app is known as, which is owned by the ByteDance, with about 680 million users with its counterpart of the Chinese Douyin.  Its popularity is widespread mostly across India and China, but the usage of TikTok is growing about 60 million users currently in the USA. The app can be used for uploading the few seconds of short video clips, which can be chained together like a daisy to form more sequence collection of videos of a minute. The app used for publishing funny karaoke attempts as initially, and it has evolved since then evolved into the self-expression medium that has no rivals at this moment or time.


Users can make and share the videos, which are vertical and up to 15 seconds. By scrolling up and down, users can navigate through like feed. It had launched in 2016 in China under with name of Douyin. It merged with the lip-synching social media app in 2017, and There are 26 million active users in the US. Users spent 46 minutes a day on the app. The TikTok between 2017 – 2918 experiences year over year increase of 395%. TikTok surpassed Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat in installs in 2018 September. Over a billion times, TikTok has downloaded now. TikTok is now available in 154 countries markets and with 75 languages. Around two-thirds of the content creators, and users are female. 41% of the user’s age is between 16 to 24.

Relate to music, many of the trending hashtags are there. And most of the people buy TikTok likes for their videos—best for brands and products with ties to music. If you are a target for the audience of gen Z, then it will be primarily made up and ideal. In the year 2019, TikTok started testing the various brand’s native video ads.  Most of the brands can also arrange the ads for take over which are cost between $100000 – $50000. A report given by the Adweek about the TikTok, that is TikTok is currently developing its a serve a biddable ad platform bu itself. YouTube’s videos average length is 4 minutes, and the average duration of the video on the TikTok is 30 seconds. But for both apps, the average timing for viewing in 40 minutes, which means users on  TikTok can watch more titles.

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