Recently Instagram released a new Instagram feature called Reels. Currently, the Instagram Reels feature is available in fifty countries. Even after only a few months in the marketers, brands, marketplace, and users are well versed already in how to effectively use Reels features across the Instagram community.

From a high-level Instagram Reels are not that visually different from other related video content on Instagram. Per clip, just spanning fifteen seconds. Reels are engaging and brief videos that feature text, effects, and other imaginative tools. All Instagram Reels are available both in Stories and as in feed.  Make sure to take advantage of the new Reels feature of Instagram and Explore page algorithm if your account is public. You can make your Reels content heard across the global community of Instagram and reach the audiences in a fully catchy and new way by buying Instagram Reels views from our services. Reels are available only in the mobile version at the moment and not available on the desktop version.

The Reel’s future is looking bright for marketers definitely. Just take a look at the previous experience on Instagram with Stories. There were about 100 million Instagram story users in the year 2016. Instagram reports almost 500 million active daily users after four years and growing continuously at a steady pace.

Whether simply taken inspiration from or launched in the market as a direct competitor, Insatgram Reels look positioned to take over the Titok application’s popularity as a short-form video sharing application.

Actually, Reels were launched in 2019 in Brazil. Now it is available both on the Android version and iOs version of the application. Here are some statistics of Tiktok:

41 percent of users on TikTok are aged between sixteen and twenty-four years old.

Fifty-six percent of the users on TikTok are male, and forty-four percent of users on TikTok is female.

Fifty percent of the audience’s age in TikTok is under thirty-four years, with twenty-six percent between eighteen and twenty-four years old.


The process of creating Reels will feel easy if you are already familiar with Instagram. To get started, users have to pick the Reels option at the bottom of the Instagram camera. Users can edit the video once inside this menu. The available editing tools are audio, AR effects, timer, align, and speed.

Audio: pick the songs to be featured in your video clips, whether from your own soundtrack or library of Instagram.

Speed: differ the speed according to the choice, including slow down and speed up.

Align: make sure that objects from previous video clips are correct with each transition.

Timer:  choose the length of your countdown, the length of the clips, and the record button.

AR effects: select from a  diversity of effects and filters that Instagram creates.

Content creation is only the 1st step, as with any marketing medium. There are many ways to go viral here, so try to top on trends, use specific effects, specific hashtags.

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